Your tools: Orascoptic EyeZoom loupes


eyepieceby Dr Christopher Ch’ng, Argyle Street Family Dentist, Parramatta, NSW

What’s good about it

These loupes have an attached light and the 3.5x magnification makes everything much clearer. They allow me to work very accurately, conserve more tooth structure and make it much easier when doing root canals.

The light is very bright and has three settings. It’s always focused exactly where I’m looking and saves me from constantly adjusting the chair light. They’re very comfortable to wear and don’t put any strain on your neck. The magnification is adjustable between 3x and 5x. It takes a little bit of time to get used to working with loupes but now I use them for every procedure. I did a quick consultation recently without loupes but it was terrible. It felt like I couldn’t see anything.

An unexpected advantage of using these loupes is that my posture has improved. They have a specific working length that almost forces you to sit up straight.

What’s not so good

The only thing I find a hassle is that the light comes with an external battery connected by a wire. The battery is clipped onto your belt but when I’m moving around, it sometimes gets caught on things and pulls on the loupes.

Where did you get them?
Orascoptic Australia


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