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4.-eyezoomMy previous loupes were 3.2X Orascoptics with TTL (Through The Lens) technology. I used this pair for 16 years! I owned them for so long, they were getting a bit obsolete so I decided to upgrade to the EyeZooms. What a fantastic product—I can’t work without them.

What’s good about it

These loupes allow you to adjust the magnification so they can be used in multiple situations. It’s simply a matter of twisting the barrel of the lens to increase or decrease the degree of magnification. They can be set at 3X, 4X or 5X.

Once you can start using these loupes, the quality of your care goes up, the speed at which you work increases, your posture improves and your fatigue goes down. The benefits are just huge.

I generally set the loupes to one specific magnification for an entire procedure. However, if I’m struggling to see a root canal, then it’s nice to have the adjustable option and I’ll increase magnification all the way up to 5X.

They are very comfortable to wear and newer technology means they’re lighter than my previous pair. They are easy on the eye and if used with good illumination, the results are fantastic. I really can’t understand how any dentist could work without them.

What’s not so good

Orascoptic makes amazing loupes but I’m less than impressed with its headlights. They have square illumination which is rather silly when you have a circular field of view. I have coupled my Orascoptic loupes with a Surgitel Touch-Free LED headlight. It has a round view and the beam is concentrated so it doesn’t blind patients. It can be turned on and off by waving your hand in front of an infrared beam. As there is no need to touch a switch, there’s no chance of cross-infection.

Where did you get it

Orascoptic Australia (www.orascoptic.com); Surgitel (www.inline.com.au/surgitel).

By Dr Max Patel, Siana Dental, Hampton, VIC.




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  1. I’ve got two pairs of orascoptic loupes and my sister has a pair of the eyezoom’s.

    The inner seal on her pair somehow disintegrated even though they were not in use within a 7 month period.

    I told the representative about this and she argued with me that the loupes were not sold earlier than 6 months ago, this is true for her as Kerr only recently started selling these loupes but orascoptic has been selling them for a while.

    It took months for the prescription to be filled and then when they broke i told her to talk to the representative about replacement.

    She decided to upgrade and the rep told her she would not be able to afford them. When she had to cancel the fitting appointment due to illness the rep replied she knew she wouldn’t be able to afford them anyway.


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