Orascoptic Zeon Apollo light


by Dr David Hogan, Brisbane, QLD

After nine years of having head-mounted lighting attached to a power source and light transmitted through a fibre-optic cable, this year I converted to a battery-operated LED Zeon Apollo light. The improvement was fantastic. I tutor at the University of Queensland and insist that students use their second pay packet—they may as well blow the first one, they deserve it after four-to-five years of dental school—to invest in lighting. They will never want to head back to the dark recesses of the mouth without it again.

What’s good about it

I attended a course on root-canal therapy and rotary endodontic instruments in 2000 and the presenter stated that the future of dentistry isn’t necessarily magnification but lighting. I thought he made a very good point.

The LED light is so bright and white that the results are amazing. You can clearly see rubber GP filling when placed in upper front tooth root canals. Previously you only knew it was there because you put it there, but you couldn’t actually see it. I’ve taken away my overhead surgery light as it’s completely unnecessary now.

Battery supported lights in the past struggled to hold a charge, but the Apollo lasts for 12 hours. Even if you should forget to charge it, you have the option of connecting to the charger and it will get you out of trouble.

What’s not so good

The replacement of the cable for the LED is costly—mind you, they guarantee these cables for four years. You also have to remember to flick across a yellow filter when doing composite resin work. Otherwise, the light will begin to set the composite. It took me a day or two to get used to the brightness.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

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