OrthoED: Revolutionising Orthodontic Education and Practice

orthodontic education
Dr Geoff Hall busting some myths about orthodontics.

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In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, pioneers emerge, reshaping the landscape and driving innovation. Among these visionaries is OrthoED, a trailblazer in orthodontic education that has garnered praise from dental professionals nationwide. With ‘the myth busting orthodontist’ Geoff Hall at its helm, its transformative MiniMasters program, dedicated aligner courses, and unparalleled support, OrthoED is raising the bar for dental education. 

Minimasters Program: Elevating Orthodontic Expertise 

OrthoED’s Minimasters program is a beacon of excellence, redefining dental education with its advanced curriculum. The program is a fully accredited 2-year orthodontic course with an optional post-graduate diploma. From innovative techniques to evidence-based practices, this program equips dental professionals with the tools they need to become true masters in the field of orthodontics. The convenience of live streamed and face-to-face learning options allows participants to balance their education and practice commitments seamlessly. With esteemed orthodontists serving as mentors, students receive personalised guidance throughout their educational journey. 

“OrthoED has really changed the way I practice dentistry and has added at least $150,000 in extra production to my practice.” – Fady Ayoub

Dedicated Aligner Courses: Embracing the Future of Orthodontics 

As aligners gain prominence in modern orthodontics, OrthoED has anticipated this trend and offers dedicated aligner courses tailored to meet the demands of dental professionals. These specialised programs provide comprehensive training on aligner therapy. OrthoED’s aligner courses offer dentists the opportunity to provide treatments confidently, profitably, and successfully, even if they have no experience or have struggled with aligner cases in the past. In the case of the Advanced Aligner courses, graduates learn the skills to take on advanced aligner cases and complete them confidently and profitably – without being forced to refer to specialists. All graduates emerge with the expertise to seamlessly integrate aligner treatments into their practices, attracting a surge in patient demand and satisfaction. For those who want to extend their skill and reputability even further, the Postgraduate Certificate in Clear Aligner Therapy offers a pathway to clinical excellence. 

“I’ve done lots of post-grad courses over 38 years of clinical practice. The OrthoED course is a level above most of the courses I’ve ever done.” – Dr. Jim Rushton

Unparalleled Support and Glowing Reviews: The OrthoED Difference 

At the heart of OrthoED’s success lies its commitment to providing unwavering support to participants. 

A dedicated team of mentors and educators ensures that all inquiries receive prompt attention, fostering a supportive and dynamic learning environment. This commitment to excellence has earned OrthoED glowing reviews from students and graduates alike, reaffirming its position as a leader in dental education. 

Post-Graduate Certificate in Clear Aligner Therapy: Credibility Unlike any Other 

The Postgraduate Certificate in Clear Aligner Therapy is accredited by EduQual, a globally-recognised awarding body in the UK. This certification marks a pathway to professional excellence, instilling patient trust and attracting a surge of new patients to dental practices. Dental professionals can demonstrate their commitment to learning and mastery of aligner therapy principles through rigorous assessments and treatment planning cases. Armed with this certificate, they gain a competitive edge in their local areas and the confidence to treat patients with clear aligners, propelling their careers to unparalleled heights effortlessly. 

A Vision for the Future: Hands-On Training on Live Patients in India 

With an eye toward the future, OrthoED has exciting plans for 2024. Dental professionals can look forward to hands-on training on live patients in India, an opportunity to refine their clinical skills and gain invaluable experience under real-world conditions.  

To learn more visit www.orthotraining.com or call +61391080475 or email info@orthoed.com.au 

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