Orthophos XG 3D-ready


Orthoposby Dr Krishan Mistry, All Saints Dental Group, Rockingham, WA

When I was studying at university, we only had old-fashioned X-ray machines on which to train. Then, when I first graduated, the surgeries where I worked either had the old machines or no X-ray unit at all. When I started at All Saints about 12 months ago, the practice had this digital OPG and it has made a world of difference to the management of my patients.

What’s good about it

It is an invaluable tool for treatment planning when faced with a certain kind of problems. When a patient comes in with periodontal disease, wisdom tooth pain or a neglected dentition, the first thing I do is take an X-ray with this OPG.

It quickly creates a clear image while using a low dose of radiation. The image is viewable by the time the patient has walked back from the machine and into my surgery. It allows them to visualise their problem and the solution while I talk through a treatment plan.

It’s easy to zoom in and out of the image. I can focus on a particular tooth or a particular problem and enhance the image to make the details very clear. It’s such an improvement over the old machines and their small films.

Patients are very impressed by the speed of the OPG and often comment on the clarity of the image.

What’s not so good

I have had no problems with this unit and I like the way the technology is striving to get a result with a lower X-ray dose. One day, hopefully, we will see a cone beam CT that uses the same X-ray dose as an OPG to produce a 3D model of the mouth.

Where did you get it


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