Tool Review: Orthophos XG3


by Dr Nathan Rosenbaum, Carnegie Dental Group, Carnegie, VIC

We renovated our practice six months ago and installed the Orthophos XG3 at the same time. It allows you to take on the spot OPGs, and is also a handy aid to general treatment planning. We have four surgeries so it is positioned in a common area that’s accessible by all. A technician came out and instructed us on its operation. It’s very easy to use.

What’s so good about it

Prior to purchasing this item, we referred patients to the local radiologist. They would visit the radiologist, have the x-ray taken and then have to wait a couple of days for the film to be processed. Now it’s an instantaneous process that can be completed in one visit.

It only takes 14 seconds to scan the patient and by the time we’ve walked back to the surgery, the images are displayed on the monitor. Patients find it very impressive and it’s a great diagnostic tool.

It’s also very good with patients who tend to gag. They only need to bite with their incisors on the edge of a small piece of plastic. For oral pathology, it aids in ruling things out, and highlights things that might need further investigation.

We’re working with Oasis and the images from the scan are digitally filed in the patient records.

What’s not so good

When I perform implant work, the Orthophos is insufficient to work out a detailed treatment plan. It’s handy for a quick look but I still refer patients to the radiologist.

You also have to make sure that patients takes off all facial jewellery or artefacts pop up where they shouldn’t.

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