Osstell ISQ Implant Stability Meter


The Osstell ISQ Implant Stability Meterby Dr Bruce Gray, Wingewarra Dental, Dubbo, NSW

The Osstell ISQ Implant Stability Meter is an electronic device for measuring the stability of implants. I use it with every implant I place.

 What’s good about it

The Osstell ISQ works on resonance frequency analysis. A sensor is screwed into the implant and a wand is placed in close approximation to that sensor. A reading of between nought and one hundred is displayed on a screen and the higher the number, the more stable the implant. A reading of 65 or better means that the implant is adequately stable.

I like this system as I can take multiple readings throughout the implant procedure. I take a reading at the time of placing the implant and at the time of uncovering if I’m doing a two-stage surgery. I take another reading at the time of the impression for the prosthesis and at the time of its placement. This gives me a quantitative measurement of the increasing or decreasing stability of the implant in the bone.

Prior to that, it was all qualitative. We would simply wait a period of time and assume that because six months had passed, it must be right. There was no quantitative way of measuring whether a certain degree of torque could be placed on the implant without harming the bone/implant surface.

I’ve been using the Osstell ISQ for four years with no problems. It’s a well-designed, robust piece of equipment that works accurately. It’s been a great adjunct to my implant surgery. I highly recommend it.

What’s not so good

The only downside is that the magnetic sensor that attaches to the implant is single use and they are quite expensive to purchase.

Where did you get it

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