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PrintSystema’s range of toothbrushes is new in Australia, imported and distributed by Healthygums, an Australian company based in Sydney. Systema is Japan’s number-one oral hygiene brand, a product of Lion Corp, Japan.* It’s a toothbrush that delivers gentle brushing and care for the gums.

What’s so different about Systema? It’s all in the bristles

It’s the proprietary super-tapered bristles that are 0.02mm at the tip—ie. 1/10 the diameter of regular toothbrush bristles.

This feature makes it possible to penetrate deep within the narrow crevices of periodontal pocket, and between the teeth and gums to effectively remove the grime that causes periodontal disease, delivering a high level of oral cleanliness. The bristles are made from high-grade PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), more durable than ordinary nylon bristles. In addition to its unique 0.02mm patented super-tapered tips of the bristles that are soft and gentle for gum care, Systema’s range of toothbrushes also feature a smaller compact brush head size. In our selection, we have Orthodontic “V” shaped bristle head, Super Compact and Sonic Vibration toothbrush (battery powered) and most popular is the Adult Gum Care and Kodomo Children’s toothbrush range.

For more information, contact Systema’s Peter Beard on 0406 239 903, visit www.healthygums.net.au or Facebook: Systema Toothbrush.

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