Qld Government seeks retention of federal dental funding


Palaszczuk Government seeks retention federal dental fundingThe Queensland Government is throwing its support behind continued national funding for dental and mental health. The Palaszczuk Government said it will be urging the Federal Government to renew the national agreements that are set to expire over the next two months.

Concern for the loss of national funding may reach further than the funding of public hospitals by the Federal Government, with states set to lose funding from national partnership agreements that supply other dental-health services. Should federal funding be cut, Queensland dental and mental health services could see a dip in funding of $41 million over the financial year.

With the dental health agreement due for renewal in June, the Palaszczuk Government have little time left to assure the schemes are retained.

“Any agreement on health funding proposed by COAG must include a broad range of health services delivered outside of hospitals,” said Qld premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. “If it doesn’t, services will be cut and waiting lists will grow.”

The funding currently covers $30.3 million worth of dental services, including wait time reduction and remote services.

Qld health minister Cameron Dick, expressed concern that the health funding would have a serious impact on the day-to-day lives of Queenslanders.

“Health funding is about more than just hospitals,” said Dick.

“Hospitals are the load-bearing walls of our health system, but you don’t stop building a house once you’ve got the load-bearing walls in place.

“Healthcare happens in and out of hospitals. If there’s no commitment from the Commonwealth to continue these agreements, services will suffer.”

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