PaperShow Anoto System


by Dr Jeremy Rourke, Star Dental, Port Macquarie, NSW

Anoto is a digital pen-and-paper technology that captures handwritten pen strokes and transfers it into a digital format. Anoto pens have an infra-red camera in the tip that reads a unique series of dots patterned onto their paper. The pen can recognise which sheet of paper is being used and where it is positioned on that sheet. The computer chip in the pen maps the progress of the ballpoint over the paper and records its position. By connecting the pen to your computer, it then transfers the pen-stroke information in a saveable digital format.

What’s good about it

With PaperShow, we take digital photographs of the patient’s upper and lower arch. The camera is linked to the computer and the image is instantaneously transferred by a USB cable to a dated image folder. We then open those images in the PaperShow software program from the patient dated image folder and print each full arch image onto the special PaperShow paper which carries the Anoto dot pattern. This piece of paper behaves like a computer tablet so as I draw on the Anoto paper, the patient listens to me and watches my annotations appear on the computer screen. This happens because the digital pen has a cordless Bluetooth connection to my computer. I can then print out the PaperShow slides as colour photos with, or without, my annotations. If required, I can also email these images.

What’s not so good

Once you have taken the photos and downloaded them into the patient’s file, you then have to open the image folder in the PaperShow software to create a presentation. But that’s not really too much of a problem. If you buy the PaperShow pen, just remember to import from ‘List of Images’.

Where did you get it

OfficeWorks sell the PaperShow starter kit.

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