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detergents and disinfectants for cleaning dental practices

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A critical aspect of dentistry is the responsible cleaning of dental offices and the operatory between patients. Ensuring pathogens are not transmitted between patients or staff from clinical surfaces, equipment and surrounding office furniture is imperative to quell the problem within healthcare associated with infection.

Cleaning with a detergent, preferably a neutral detergent due to the risks (people, instruments and environment) associated with too much or little pH, is essential before any disinfection.

Ineffective cleaning prior to disinfecting can result in the retention of organic matter on surfaces, rendering many disinfectants inactive. A huge concern in dentistry is contamination from blood-bourne diseases such as hepatitis, so it is crucial to reduce the soil load by cleaning all surfaces with a detergent before disinfecting them, allowing the disinfectant to work effectively.

The current Communicable Diseases Network of Australia (CDNA) Guidelines suggest “all frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned frequently, with disinfection only required when specific contamination risk is presented”. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends “cleaning frequently touched surfaces with a detergent a minimum of four times a day (depending on patient load), and combining a detergent and disinfectant routine to achieve a thorough mechanical clean”.

Since dental care usually involves transparent saliva spatter, which is difficult to spot on surfaces, it should be routinely considered that a contamination breach has been presented. The use of both a detergent and disinfectant should be used regularly on all clinical contact surfaces and surfaces potentially contaminated by aerosols, expired droplets, and aligned within the cough zone (approx 2m) in front of the patient and dental chair.

Setting up a consistent cleaning protocol between patients eliminates any uncertainty around whether or not surfaces have been effectively cleaned from contaminated bodily fluids.

detergents and disinfectants for cleaning dental practices

Environmental cleaning should not only take place in treatment rooms but also include areas that are touched frequently by patients within the dental office. Surfaces touched on entry into the dental surgery, touched regularly on departure from the dental room and re-entry to the waiting/reception area, and surfaces touched during the accounts payable process (e.g., EFTPOS machine) should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Surfaces that are touched regularly by members of staff (to and from the treatment area, lunchrooms and bathroom areas) should also be included in a considered, consistent protocol to ensure any possibility of transmission remains unlikely within the dental practise.

PDS has a range of powerful detergents and disinfectants that meet the needs of today’s dental operatories and is known as a reputable, trusted company selling high quality consumable products for many years. For surface cleaning, PDS offers NeutraDet Clear, a low foaming, non-ionic, neutral detergent (pH 7) with a crisp fragrance that rapidly and effectively enables the removal of biological soiling from clinical surfaces and surgical instruments prior to disinfection or sterilisation. It is available in a convenient 750ml spray bottle (code 35303) and a 5L container (code 35302). Additionally, PDS offers NeutraDet Purple with a fresh lavender floral fragrance, available in a 750ml spray bottle (code 35301) and a 5L container (code 35300). PDS then offers two hospital-grade disinfectants, Isopol Clear (code 34250) and Isopol Blue (code 34252). Both products contain 70% isopropyl alcohol in an aqueous solution as a broad-spectrum antibacterial for disinfection of operatory surfaces.  

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