Philips Sonicare introduces oral health smartphone app

Philips Sonicare has released an app which will help with her oral health.
Philips Sonicare has released an app which will help with her oral health.

Philips has launched its latest innovation, the Sonicare App for Android and iPhone. Designed n Australia for local consumers, the Sonicare App helps people achieve better dental and gum health, as well as providing them with meaningful information about the Sonicare range of oral health products in a fun but engaging manner. The app is also a great resource for anyone serious about improving or maintaining their dental health.

Key features of the Philips Sonicare App include:

  • Experience Sonicare interactive panel
  • Brushing Tracker
  • Floss Counter tool
  • Two minute brushing timer
  • Dental appointment reminder
  • Oral health FAQ with rich media

At the core of the app are the clever “Brushing Tracker” and “Floss Count” tools, which allow users to track and measure their oral health habits with just the press of a button. With the ability to track the number of brushing and flossing sessions per day or per week, and even the total minutes of brushing, these tools provide an accurate snapshot of dental health habits and enable users to identify areas they can improve their dental health. When combined with the two minute brushing timer and dental appointment reminder, these tools provide the motivation to create great oral health habits.

The Sonicare App also features a unique ‘Experience Sonicare’ function that allows users to interact with the Philips flagship power toothbrush DiamondClean. With the actual handle and modes replicated on the users’ smart phone, people can experience the sights and sounds of sonic technology through the touch of a button on their smart phone.

The Sonicare App contains a wealth of advice on a range of dental health topics, including brushing tips, flossing tips, and information about gum disease and tooth sensitivity, making it a useful educational reference for users between dental appointments.

“Our mission at Philips Sonicare is to provide customers with the tools they need to achieve their best oral health, and the Philips Sonicare App is a welcome addition to our range that is going to keep many more people smiling,” said Simon Keenan, Customer Marketing Manager ANZ, Philips Oral Healthcare. “We built this app with Australian consumers in mind, and whether you are an existing Sonicare user or someone who has not yet tried our products, this app is sure to help put a focus back on your dental health.”

In addition to the tools available, the Philips Sonicare App also provides an overview of the entire Sonicare range of products, including detailed product information and an easy to view product matrix for comparison between models. The app also provides users with location and contact details of nearby retailers that sell the Sonicare range.

The Philips Sonicare App is available for download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. For more information about the Philips Sonicare range of oral health solutions visit


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