Picasso Diode Laser


Picasso Diode LaserI’m always on the lookout for new technology and discovered the Picasso Diode Laser about three years ago. I mainly use it for periodontal treatment and I’ve been very happy with the results.

What’s good about it

The Picasso Diode Laser is great for treating mild to moderate cases of periodontitis. I use it in conjunction with root cleaning and plenty of instruction about maintaining a good oral hygiene regime. I sometimes use it for crown lengthening, gingivectomies and the treatment of cold sores.

The laser energises the cells and, after use, the healing process is very quick. In general, as the laser cuts, it disinfects. I have had cases where the healing time has been reduced by 50 per cent. The wavelength is constant— about 810 nanometers—but the settings can be changed so it cuts faster or slower. The homeostasis is also very effective and gives a very clear working field.

I normally split periodontal treatment into three or four sessions. Patients love the fact that there is hardly any postoperative discomfort after the first session, so they’re happy to accept the continuation of treatment. This gives me time to give good oral hygiene instructions and educate them on why they have bad breath, bleeding gums and so forth.

What’s not so good

It’s difficult to think of anything negative about this product. These types of lasers used to be quite expensive but as the technology has advanced, the price has dropped. It’s a highly affordable piece of equipment now.

Where did you get it

Dentsply (www.dentsply.com.au).

by Dr Julian Oey, Haoey Dental, Potts Point, NSW


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