Tools of the trade: Planmeca Compact iTouch 


planmeca compactBy Dr Alexander Lam, Dernacourt Dental Surgery, Dernacourt, SA

This is a good value chair for any dentist who wants to perform dentistry at a very high level. I have been very happy with it—it ticks all the boxes.

What’s good about it

Every patient tells me the upholstery and cushioning feel great. The headrest can be easily articulated into a position where the patient’s head is fully supported. When the patient is comfortable, it allows me to work in an ergonomic position.

The footprint of the chair is quite small which makes it easy for the nurse and myself to position ourselves and move around the chair. This would be a great chair for a small surgery. I have the continental version which many operators don’t like due to the pull back on the drill. However, the Planmeca version is excellent—I can’t feel any tension in the hose when I’m working. I also like the fact that the hoses are kept clean and hygienic by retracting back into the chair.

There are three methods to control the chair—the assistant’s unit, the main delivery unit, and the foot control. The digital display on the main unit is a full-colour touch-screen. It is possible to customise the setting to suit your needs. It can also memorise settings for multiple operators.

What’s not so good

The cost of consumables is very high. For example, triplex tips are specific to this chair and can become blocked or non-functional with everyday use. They cost $90 to replace and can only be sourced through Henry Schein Halas. I’ve also had a few small maintenance issues which happen with all chairs. The service team at Henry Schein either talks me through the problem over the phone, or comes and fixes it. I recommend using the Henry Schein technicians for any repairs.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas (

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