polar_eyes Cross Polarization Filter


polar_eyesby Dr Joshua Tirrell, Rose Park Dental, Rose Park, SA

The filter attaches to my macro flash and assists me in choosing the correct shades for anterior composite and porcelain restorations.

What’s good about it

This filter eliminates unwanted reflections that usually appear in photographs. It allows me to see the finer colour details of the teeth—translucency, highlights, stains, etc—which is great when communicating with my lab technician. For direct restorations, I find the polar_eyes filter most useful in determining the correct shades by taking a photograph of the shade tabs right next to the teeth. I’ve been using it for the past five months and both my lab technician and I love it. In fact, my lab technician has also purchased one that he uses for the shade matches that he takes himself.

What’s not so good

A set of stick-on magnets are placed on the flash unit and held in place by adhesive. The filter can then be easily attached to these magnets. Unfortunately, the adhesive doesn’t have a strong bond and if you pull—rather than rotate—the filter to remove it, the magnets will come off the flash unit. This is obviously a common problem as the polar_eyes filters come with several spare magnets!

Where did you get it

I ordered it from www.photomed.net. I just placed an online order with their American address (so it could be processed) and then emailed them my Australian address; they are happy to post to Australia. With international shipping and converting to Australian dollars, it cost me $802.


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