Poor gums linked to poor sperm

They’d get there quicker if he didn’t have perio disease.

A new study in The Journal of Clinical Periodontology has found a possible link between periodontal disease and male infertility. The researchers say their study shows that people with periodontal disease are more likely to have lowered sperm activity. However, they also note that both conditions could be caused by some third factor. For example, this could be a nutritional problem, stress or something genetic.

The abstract for the study is online here. The study involved 75 men. All were patients of a fertility clinic. The clinic did tests on sperm counts and sperm movement. The men also got oral exams to look for signs of periodontal disease.

Among the men, 40 per cent had gingivitis, and 48 per cent had periodontitis. Only 12 per cent had healthy gums.

Men with gingivitis had no increased risk for fertility problems. However, among men with signs of more advanced periodontal disease, 33 per cent had less-active sperm. Among men with healthy gums, only 19 per cent had less-active sperm. So if you’re worried you could progress into further periodontal disease problems and you’re not wanting to affect the quality or count of your sperm, you’ll want to get in touch with a dental clinic and get some expert advice on caring for your oral hygiene.

The study also compared men with low and normal sperm activity. Among the men with less-active sperm, 95 per cent had at least one tooth that had separated from the gum. Among men with normally active sperm, 67 per cent had this sign of periodontal disease.

Infertility affects nearly one out of seven couples worldwide.

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  1. Perhaps to help the population crisis we should continue to ensure men do not be empowered to effective brushing as the only means to preventing periodontal disease and therefore more active sperm?


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