Tools of the Trade review: Premium Triple Tray


by Dr Vashy Dolezal, Brad Pearce Dental Surgery, Coffs Harbour, NSW

I started using Premium Triple Trays when I moved to Coffs Harbour about 18 months ago. The practice where I work stocked them and so I just gave them a try. Prior to that I had always used full trays but I soon discovered that these were a real improvement.

What’s good about it

This three in-one triple tray is great for taking crown and bridge impressions. It works particularly well when taking an impression of one, two or three units. There’s no need to take an upper and lower full arch impression because when the patient bites into it, an upper and lower impression is formed with just that one bite. It’s more comfortable for patients as they only have a small amount of impression material placed in one quadrant.

It really saves time as there is no need to take separate opposing impressions. I use it to make temporary crowns and there is minimal adjustment required of the occlusion. There’s also minimal adjustment required to the final crown—if any at all.

What’s not so good

It does have some limitations. This product is quite flexible which means there can be some distortion when taking an impression for a bridge. As it doesn’t have the rigidity required, I still use a full tray when doing a bridge.

Where did you get it

Horseley Dental

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