Professional in-chair lip maintenance treatment, designed in Australia, launches globally!

chair lip maintenance
Lip-TxTM is a new in chair lip maintenance treatment.

Lip-TxTM is the revolutionary professional lip care treatment, used by Hygienists, Dentists and Therapists, as a conclusion to every dental treatment appointment, hygiene visit, teeth whitening, lip filler or any other therapy which may compromise lip integrity.  

In Dentistry, lips are often considered just inconvenient bits of soft tissue getting in the way of the important stuff underneath. In truth, lips are specialised organs, different to skin, with vital roles, that deserve special attention in the dental chair to maintain their health and vitality.

Based on the latest clinical research into lip barrier function optimisation and designed in Australia by a group of global oral health experts, Lip-TxTM “pro” is the world’s first, single patient-use, professional lip care system to protect and enhance lip health and aesthetics.

The powerful, synergistic, 3-step system takes less than 5 minutes to administer in-chair at the end of each dental appointment and consists of Exfoliation, Hydration and Protection phases.  

Together with the daily use of the Lip-TxTM “home” product, clinical studies have shown that regular application of a professionally formulated and delivered, sequential multi-step lip-care treatment results in significant improvements in the health of the lips, helping to ward off pathology. 

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