Professionally-formulated lip balm designed in Australia, by global oral health experts


One of the primary duties of dental practitioners is oral health promotion and guiding patients on the best, scientifically proven products and practices. In a modern dental practice, that advice and product recommendation should now also extend to how best to care for lip health; maintaining the appearance and condition of the lips; while preventing pathology. Just like inside the mouth, an incorrect product choice or lack of care can have dire consequences.  

Using the wrong lip products can lead to irreversible tissue damage. Specialist dermatologists and skin cancer specialists from Harvard University have raised warnings in regard to such non-professional lip care products, especially those without SPF and with high-sheen. Research has shown that such products actually enhance the optical passage of UV rays, increasing their penetration into the already fragile skin of the lips and increasing the risk of lip cancer and other pathology.  

However, clinical studies have also shown that applying a professionally formulated, broad-spectrum SPF lip balm, three times daily, which is based on research into lip tissue optimization, will enhance lip barrier function, protecting lips from environmental damage and significantly improving key lip condition parameters.

Knowing this, it would be unconscionable for dental practitioners to use products like Vaseline or promotional lip balms in their practices or to simply leave patients unprotected, exposed to the sun at the end of their appointment and at the mercy of flashy retail marketing slogans on supermarket shelves; dubious social media influencers and celebrities with a vested interest; or poorly trained department store sales staff. Lip-TxTM Home is the first clinically proven, professional SPF lip balm, with a powerful antioxidant and peptide formula, used during dental visits, before patients leave the clinic and multiple times a day at-home, to nourish, replenish and protect the lips.

Designed in Australia and taking the dental world by storm, Lip-TxTM sets a new standard in professional oral health maintenance


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