Proven 3-Step water treatment protocol

waterline maintenance

With increased emphasis on infection control in the current pandemic environment, there is a new focus on ensuring dental unit waterline quality is adequately maintained.

A-dec Product Marketing Manager Shal Hafiz says that together with daily waterline maintenance with a proven solution like A-dec ICX tablets, it’s important to monitor water quality and apply a periodic shock treatment as prescribed by local guidelines.

A-dec ICX Renew – launched in Australia in May, is the perfect complement to A-dec’s self-contained waterline system to ensure the highest quality water is delivered to patients.

ICX Renew shock treatment is part of the ‘A-dec 360 Maintenance’ approach which includes regular waterline maintenance; waterline quality monitoring; and periodic shock treatment.

ICX Renew is an odourless formula that clears deposits and contamination which can build up over time, without harming plastic tubing or corroding dental unit components, unlike some harsh treatments.

The latest ADA Infection Control Guidelines suggest a shock treatment if CFU (coliform forming units) reach 200 CFU/mL. 

“Shock treatments are required periodically to clean dental unit waterlines, and more often if dental units have been left unused for any period, such as over a holiday break,” Mr Hafiz said.

He said A-dec dealers now offer a waterline testing service using a highly accurate and rapid 2-minute digital test, using the high-tech Lumitester device. This water testing service could easily be incorporated as part of routine equipment servicing in clinics.

“In keeping with ADA Guidelines, A-dec recommends a three-step: ‘Maintain, Monitor, and Shock’ approach to keeping water lines clean,” Mr Hafiz said.

“Monitoring requirements will depend on your water quality and the clinic’s individual requirements. Initially, test water once a month. If the results pass your specified action level (i.e. 200 CFU/mL), then reduce the testing protocol to at least every six months.

“If your test triggers an action level, treat you dental units with ICX Renew liquid shock treatment.”

Mr Hafiz said both ICX and ICX Renew were safe to use in dental units and are non-corrosive and gentle on equipment and will not corrode or clog waterlines. 

A-dec ICX, ICX Renew shock treatment, and the 2-minute Lumitester digital waterline testing service are all available from your local A-dec dealer. Tel: 1800 225 010 or visit:

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