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dentistry in humanitarian crises
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Join FDI and IADR’s Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network (GOHIRN) in July for an important discussion on delivering oral healthcare in humanitarian settings.

Humanitarian crises, whether caused by natural disasters, conflicts, or other emergencies, significantly impact the health and wellbeing of affected populations. These crises often lead to disrupted healthcare services including dental care, exacerbating existing inequalities and leaving vulnerable communities without essential oral health services. In such challenging environments, the provision of timely and appropriate dental care becomes crucial, yet exceedingly difficult.

To address this, FDI is collaborating with GOHIRN to organise a one-hour webinar on Dentistry in Unstable and Humanitarian Crisis Environments. This webinar will provide a platform for participants to discuss the distinctive challenges faced by dentists operating in unstable environments and humanitarian settings.

FDI will be represented by Dr Elham Kateeb, who leads the organisation’s Refugees Oral Health Promotion and Care Project. The webinar will be held on 3 July 2024 – 8 am EDT, 1 pm BST.

Register here for more information on the session. 

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