Reward your team with a special day out at the National Dental Assistants Conference



Hosted by the Dental Assistants Professional Association (DAPA) and in its 11th year, this popular conference, “A Big Day Out for Dental”, is not to be missed.

It’s well known that dental assistants are the ‘glue’ that holds together the dental team. They’re the multi-skilled, versatile and highly organised team members who always have a smile on their face regardless of time constraints, pressures and obstacles. Without them, a surgery could barely function. This special event is an opportunity to acknowledge the immensely valuable work of this profession.

Program highlights include:

·      What can a comprehensive dental examination reveal? – Dr Peter Foltyn

·      Teeth & Toilets: Volunteering in dentistry – Dr Sandra Meihubers

·      Orofacial Myology and the exciting role of dental assistants – Dr Rohan Wijey

·      Your hands are in your care – Leonard Brown BBiomedSc

·      Ethics and the scope of practice for dental assistants – Dr Alexander Holden

·      Dentistry in the veterinary world – Tara Cashman

·      New changes in your wages, leave entitlements & employment ­­– David Wenban

Delegates get to interact with DAPA’s trade partners and view their specials for this trade exhibition; there are some excellent deals available!

There’s even the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ by nominating your special team member for a lucrative prize through the 6th National Vern-Barnett Awards for Dental Assisting Excellence presented during the cocktail hour at the culmination of the conference.

This includes the “Muliti-Skilled Employer’s Indispensable Right Hand” award sponsored by ADA Inc to be presented by Dr Catherine-Anne Walsh.

Register now and take your career to the next level. Aim High! (Multiple registration discounts apply.)

When: Saturday 17 September 2016

Where: Rydges World Square, Sydney, NSW

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