Robots, 3D-printed crowns and dentistry’s digital revolution showcased

australian dental congress

Dentistry is embracing the digital age with 3D printed crowns, artificial intelligence and robots in treatment rooms among the latest innovations at the upcoming 38th Australian Dental Congress in Adelaide.

For patients, it means your new tooth could come from a printer or your crown could be engineered by a robot, say experts scheduled to present at the conference organised by the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Held at Adelaide’s Convention Centre from 1 – 4 May, the Congress will also look at advances in sleep dentistry such as the links between teeth grinding and sleep apnoea, and the role artificial intelligence plays in 21st century dentistry.

Other congress highlights include:

  • Why dentists can often diagnose a serious health issue before the doctor;
  • Taking the worry out of trips to the dentist—what’s being done to help patients conquer fears;
  • Crowns for dogs and cats, root canal therapy for lions and tigers—the latest in restorative dentistry for animals;
  • Tackling bad breath and other mouth health issues;
  • The dentist deliberately engineering dentures with cracks and crooked teeth to create a more natural appearance.

“There are currently huge advances in innovation and technology in the world of dentistry,” ADA president Dr Carmelo Bonanno said. “Congress is bringing together many of the people responsible for these advances, at a world-class event in a world-class setting.”

Over 100 speakers and 2000 delegates from 12 countries around the world including the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand will attend over 130 talks, workshops and social events across the four-day event.

It will also feature an exhibition space of 10,000 square metres with over 130 exhibitors showcasing the latest scientific, technological, ergonomic and health-based devices and equipment in dentistry from around the world.

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