Tools of the trade: SDR Smart Dentine Replacement


SDR Smart Dentine Replacementby Dr Parminder Bains, eDental, Perth WA

SDR Smart Dentine Replacement is a bulk fill composite that’s fantastic to use when restoring posterior teeth. It makes the process much quicker and the results are great.

What’s good about it?

This product is quite revolutionary as you can use large amounts to fill the cavity very well. It spreads evenly and fills up every little nook and crevice. It works best by placing it in four-millimetre increments and then light curing.

After a procedure, I always conduct a review with the patient and ask if they experienced any post-operative pain. When using other composites, a few patients did suffer some discomfort but the track record with SDR has been perfect. Not a single patient has reported any pain.

It’s a great product for new graduates to use as it’s less technique sensitive than other composite materials. It’s available in an easy-to-use syringe and also comes in small compules. I prefer the compules as the product remains very pure and free of contaminants.

I’ve been using SDR for about seven years and it really is a simple, time-saving and effective product.

What’s not so good?

SDR Smart Dentine Replacement will speed up the restoration process but it does have some limitations. The product can be used to fill the bulk of a large cavity but the final three or four millimetres need to be filled with a harder wearing, more aesthetic composite. SDR is also unsuitable for use in front teeth due to its lack
of aesthetic properties.

Where did you get it?

Dentsply (

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