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Dr Nick White as King George III from the musical Hamilton

“Each year, I enter our local Maryborough eisteddfod, a competition from the Welsh tradition that showcases and celebrates singing. Maryborough is a small Queensland town and even though there’s not a huge number of entries, it’s hotly contested. I enter to help promote the local arts and to keep the eisteddfod alive. This type of singing competition is so formal that it has fallen by the wayside to more popular music. I think that’s a shame because it gives a good grounding in singing and is a lot of fun.

“Singing was a big part of my primary school years. We had a teacher who was an amazing piano player and we would sing nearly every day. I sang in the choir in high school but was forced to give it up as the HSC approached. I sang in a college choir and chamber group at the University of Queensland but, once again, I had to let them go as I completed my dentistry degree.

“During my first year working as a dentist, I reconnected with my old singing teacher and started to sing in local choirs. I also sing with an a cappella group called Suave Acapella. All this singing has allowed me to perform with a few big names.

“In 2010, The Wiggles were touring Australia and my daughter loved them. I entered a competition to become the fifth Wiggle and won. The line-up was Anthony, Jeff, Murray and Sam. I sang Fruit Salad with them in front of their audience. My daughter was very impressed but I was a little let down not to wear a coloured skivvy.

“One year, Guy Sebastian sang at the Hervey Bay Carols by Candlelight. Our choir did backing vocals for his performance and it was a real thrill. I met him backstage and he’s a really humble guy and very approachable. I know it’s a bit of a name drop but I’ve dined out on my ‘I sang with Guy Sebastian’ story for years.

“After a successful audition, we joined the chorus when Opera Queensland took Project Puccini and Project Rossini on the road. Our choirmaster rehearsed us very thoroughly. We performed La bohème and The Barber of Seville with some of their principle solo singers. It was amazing.

“God made me a loud person so I may as well put it to good use! Singing lets me make a noise through a creative outlet. I also love the community around singing, whether it’s choir, eisteddfod, a cappella, opera or whatever. To be able to sing and be part of the arts at a grassroots level is just wonderful.” 

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