SmartSeries 7000


Oral-B-SmartSeries-7000-(also-available-in-White)Oral-B’s world’s first Interactive electric toothbrush

Oral-B® continues to lead in the innovation of electric toothbrushes by launching its latest smart brush—the world’s first with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The interactive electric toothbrush connects to the Oral-B

App that provides real-time guidance while patients brush, and records brushing activity as data that can be shared with their dental professional, helping to create and manage
smarter, and more personalised brushing routines.

The purpose of this new technology is to allow patients and dental professionals to work hand-in-hand; dental professionals can program patients’ brushing routines on the app to help improve their brushing behaviors, and focus on key areas of the mouth. Until now, patients could only hope that they were sufficiently caring for their teeth and gums between dental appointments. But this new innovation gives patients unprecedented control over their
oral care.

Features of the Oral-B App

  • Two-way communication: Not only does the app receive brushing data and report it back to patients, but patients can also program the app so that it communicates with the brush for personalised brushing.
  • Delivers expert guidance: Allows patients and dental professionals to work hand-in-hand by allowing dental professionals to program patients’ brushing routines on the app to help improve their brushing behaviours and focus on key areas of the mouth.
  • Programs brush settings: Patients can use their smartphone as a ‘remote control’ to customise the brush to their needs.
  • Stores patients’ data: Stores up to 20 brushing sessions. The data is transferred the next time the app is connected to the toothbrush, updating records.
  • Helps patients stay informed: The app helps maintain patients’ attention and motivation while brushing with news, weather and oral care tips.
  •  Available for free on iOS and Android

The new SmartSeries 7000 brush, available in Black and White, has a built-in pressure sensor and 6 different cleaning modes (Daily Cleaning, Deep Clean, Whitening, Gum Care, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning). Oral-B’s highly successful oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology has been scientifically validated by over 250 studies and numerous systematic reviews including the latest Cochrane Collaboration review in 2014 for its superiority and efficacy in plaque removal.

For more information, please contact Oral-B on 1 800 282 265.

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