Snap Cosmetic Simulation software

Snap Cosmetic Simulation software
Snap Cosmetic Simulation software

by Timothy Goh, Oxford Dental Practice, Unley, SA

This is a fantastic program that allows our patients to preview cosmetic dental work we can offer. It makes it easier to explain the process and they get a clear idea of the available options. It’s great from a legal standpoint as it gives patients a realistic expectation of the outcome potential.

What’s good about it

We take a photo of the patient and the software allows us to manipulate the patient’s smile. This is done by using preset options such as veneers or whitening onto the patient’s teeth. We can also manipulate individual teeth though it’s a more time-consuming process.

Whenever we are discussing the possibility of a Snap-On-Smile with a patient, I always use this program. The software preview is close to the actual outcome.

Patient reaction is always very positive. They love seeing how they will look once the treatment is completed. Comparing before and after images shows them how much their dentist can do. When they look at themselves in the ‘after’ shot, it’s easy to see the improvements that can be generated. It definitely encourages patients to accept treatment advice.

I was very impressed with this product as soon as I saw a demonstration of the software. In fact, I was the first dentist in Adelaide to purchase the program. It has totally lived up to expectations. It’s an excellent product.

What’s not so good

Any one using the software needs to do the training in order to produce a result in a single appointment. The presets of the whitening function aren’t quite as accurate as I would like it to be.

Where did you get it

Australian Dental Supplies.


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