Luck o’ the dentist


St Patrick's dentistPrepare your practice this morning for a green invasion, you could be St Patrick’s dentist. St Patrick’s day is well known for parties, parades, and anything and everything Irish. But as it turns out it should be known for something else—trips to the dentist. The day following St Patrick’s day sees (in the US) an astounding 77 per cent jump in emergency visits to the dentist.

Certainly it’s not unexpected that drunk stumbling results in some missing teeth but the figures suggest more than a few are getting knocked out. And the data doesn’t discriminate on gender, both men and women are waking up with gaps from the night before. CNBC reported this morning that research between 2008 and 2015 shows a 77.4 per cent leap for women and a 78 per cent jump for men in dental visits the day after.

The biggest culprits for the damage dentists are seeing seem to come with a slam, people are walking face first into fists, doors, the pavement, everything.

“Yes, dentists are very busy the day after we celebrate St. Patrick,” Dr Page Barden, a dentist from Georgia, USA, told CNBC.

He said patients “can become clumsy and fall down, doing a faceplant in the sidewalk.” He sees many patients that were so drunk it “results in them biting someone they have offended in the fist with their teeth.”

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