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by Dr Angela McIntosh, Pearly Whites Dental, Broome, WA

In my practice, I see a lot of patients who have anxiety about visiting the dentist. The two big things that scare them are the drill and the needle. The STA Wand has really helped these patients overcome their fear of injections.

Whats good about it
When using the STA Wand, I can virtually guarantee my needle-phobic patients that they won’t feel any pain at all. The fact that this system looks more like a pen than a needle can also be reassuring for these patients. Once patients have tried it, they love it. They often remark that if they need an injection in the future, they don’t want it any other way.

It has also taken a lot of stress off me. I no longer look at the day listings and worry about those patients who are going to be difficult due to the injections they require.

The system gives an alert when the needle is positioned correctly. The needle is gently slid underneath the gum with the bevel facing the tooth and a computer senses the pressure of the local anaesthetic trickling down into the ligament. An American voice says ‘PDL, PDL’ when the needle is in the right spot.

The STA Wand works on one particular tooth at a time. I can anaesthetise lower molars, lower pre-molars and lower incisors without causing any numbness in the patient’s tongue or lips.

Whats not so good
The STA Wand works best with Articaine. Xylocaine cartridges load 100 percent of the time but Articaine is the only anaesthetic that is reliable for the STA method. However, the Articaine cartridges fail to engage at the stopper end about one in 10 times. Lignospan cartridges do not load at all.

Where did you get it
Henry Schein Halas.

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