Starlite Toothbrush with one-minute flashing timer



Ensuring kids brush their teeth can be notoriously difficult and ensuring they brush their teeth correctly is a whole different matter. It is super important though – especially as their adult teeth start to come through. They are going to need those teeth for life, so maintaining them at that early stage is vital. Children should be seeing a dentist at least twice a year (if not more) and a good dentist, will give kids tips on how to clean their teeth correctly. Ask your dentist about the Care Dent Starlite Kids Toothbrush too!

The fun and colourful design is exactly what this brush is all about. The one-minute light-up timer is perfect for teaching kids the importance of thorough brushing as it lights up for one minute for upper teeth and one minute for follower teeth.

Featuring a small compact head, soft quality bristles, easy grip and non-slip handle, the toothbrush is perfect for kids from three years and up. The suction cup at the bottom of the handle is for added hygiene benefits as well as the extra fun kids might have in the bathroom by sticking the toothbrush on a vanity mirror or cabinet. Appealing to boys and girls, the Starlite Toothbrush is available in four bright sparkly colours—pink, blue, orange and yellow.

The Starlite Toothbrush comes in two type of packaging—a retail blister pack or cello-wrap for dental surgeries who prefer getting toothbrushes in bulk.

The current retailers selling the Starlite Toothbrush are IGA stores and pharmacies.

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  1. Hi guys ! I heard about another similar product called Y-Brush, the size is a lot smaller and seems more confortable and adapted for all ages. you should check it out it’s made by a french startup it looks pretty good.


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