STEM students graduate on top


STEM students graduate on topThe first Good Careers Guide from the Good Education Group has shown STEM students, especially those graduating in Dentistry, come out on top of their university peers—at least financially.

The guide showed that graduates with a science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) degree had better starting salaries by far than any other graduates. And even in this category dental students fared the best seeing the highest starting salary average—$77,000.

Quite a gap remains between medicine students and dentists, with new medicine graduates pulling over $14,000 less for an average of $62,624. Medicine graduates were followed by students in engineering at $62,102, surveying at $60,049 and rehabilitation at $59,603. The overall graduate average was $52,840 a huge $24,000 less than for dentists.

Graduates with STEM degrees were in high demand, with less students taking up these more are likely to find work after university. While medicine students were the highest category for employment after university, dentistry graduates were not far behind coming in at number four.

Chris Lester, chief executive at Good Education Group, advocated for more students to take up STEM degrees, such as dentistry.

“With the government’s renewed focus on the importance of studying STEM subjects, it seems students would do well to consider these fields—both for positive employment and salary outcomes,” said Lester.

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