Sterilisation in modern dentistry: Get it right with W&H Lisa Steriliser  

Lisa Steriliser  

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Reprocessing instruments involves complex hygiene procedures and protocols which need to be permanently questioned, optimised and updated according to the latest developments of science and technology. Every step of the hygiene circle is important, especially cleaning. 

Which is the ideal sterilisation method? 

It is heat that kills micro-organisms. Moist heat in the form of saturated steam is the most efficient, economical and environmental friendly means for sterilisation. It is also the safest provided that the sterilisation cycle is designed and adequate for the processed instruments. Water steam sterilisers commonly offer several cycles featuring contrasting levels of performance and efficiency. 

The “power” of steam to your benefit  

Steam has the capacity of gathering energy and thus distributing high “killing” power. Compared to dry heat sterilisers, which are still widely used, steam releases 300 times more energy onto the load resulting in drastic reductions of the sterilisation plateau (3’ vs 60’) and overall cycle times, though at a much lower and gentle temperature (134°C vs 180°C). In addition to time saving, the much-appreciated benefit for the user is that all instruments, including high and low speed handpieces, can be repeatedly processed without affecting their characteristics. 

Lisa Steriliser – built for highest demands 

Smooth surfaces, ergonomic design, and an incredibly crystal-clear colour display combined with artificial intelligence turns a high-end B type sterilising into one of the most simple, comfortable and safest systems in the world. For full infection control within your daily work.  

Incredible on the inside and outside thanks to: 

EliSense: Thanks to LED indicators and display the outstanding technology offers cycle status information, temperature information and much more to optimise both workflow and output at a glance. 

EliTrace: For the first time, the sterilisation process can be traced and documented down to the individual instrument or instrument kit. Without additional software or computer. 

Eco Dry+: Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the life span of your instruments and optimises the energy consumption. 

ioDent®: The ioDent® intelligent Assist monitoring system enables proactive support with service and maintenance in line with all national guidance requirements. In the future, the cloud-based system will communicate with all your connected devices. Data exchange is secure and easy! 

W&H Steri App

W&H Steri App is an advanced smartphone and tablet application that allows you to control and monitor the status of the autoclaves in your dental clinic. Moreover, the app is able to scan and track dental instruments within a single sterilising cycle, keeping a related history database on your smart device.

  • Remote control of your steriliser: the user can remotely command up to 4 sterilisers
  • Advanced traceability: EliTrace feature is now fully supported and the App permits to create instrument database directly from your smart device. In addition to this function, the management and tracking of dental instruments is integrated
  • Reports creation: the App allows making intervention reports in order to collect data regarding specific treatments
  • User management: creation and handling of steriliser users directly from your mart device
  • Backup functionality: All the cycle reports are automatically saved to assure more protection of data 

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