Stern Weber S380TRC

Stern Weber chairs
The S380TRC

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The perfect balance of rigour and technological innovation

As Europe’s number one dental unit manufacturer, Cefla Medical Equipment implements synergies from the design phase right up to the industrialisation, to ensure premium product quality standards are respected.

S380TRC boasts a unique chair full of features, suited to the operating style of those looking for innovative exclusivity. Synchronised backrest and leg rest movements, powered retractable footrest: each function is designed to offer outstanding comfort in every position.

Transform the workplace

The versatility of the chair provides plenty of scope for transforming the surgery into a workspace that is functionally and ergonomically suited to the requirements of the individual treatment plans.

Fostering communication

The rotation of the chair to a seated position, makes it easier for patients to get in and out the chair. When discussing treatment plans, excellent dental unit ergonomics allow staff to communicate effectively with patients and ensure they spend less time in the lying position during treatment. The seated position can be adjusted to all heights, permitting natural occlusion between the two arches.

Compact and practical

Compact and perfected for those who need maximum working flexibility. Featuring a modern design that combines a large, easy-to-read display with an ergonomic, easy pick-up instrument layout, the International module provides lightness and easy handling. Thanks to carefully designed instrument holders, all instruments benefit from secure support and are arranged so they can be gripped with ease.

In addition to the key features of hard-wearing upholstery (also available in a Memory Foam version), a lift capacity of up to 190kg and a silent motor with soft-start and soft-stop dynamics, dentists can also count on independent seat and leg rest mechanical control.

Easy Check – Always Connected

When linked to the Internet via Easy Check, the dental unit can rely on a real-time remote troubleshooting and technical support service. Moreover, the Di.V.A., (Digital Virtual Assistant) optimises workflows in technologically advanced dental surgeries and helps dentists monitor, via a dashboard, their usage of available instruments and analyse surgery efficiency.

The outcome-  Maximum comfort and reassuring dentist-patient communication.

We asked Kamil Szwed, Director of FixUrDental Equipment Services Pty Ltd, why he recommended Stern Weber Dental Units to his clients.

Stern Weber chairs
Kamil Szwed from FixUrDental Equipment Services

“I have been installing Stern Weber Chairs for 15 years, and I have a great deal of respect for their quality, features and the brand. The S380 TRC is the Rolls Royce of Dental Chairs; Stern Weber also has a wide range of chairs that suit the different requirements of each practice. The chairs are technically built with superior quality and very modular. They are simple to install and very adaptive. Additional scaler modules and adaptive kits can be added easily. The interface is user friendly with a big touch screen. The Easy check, remote diagnosis helps us (service technicians) to provide quick solutions, thus saving time and money for the dentists.  

“I always recommend Stern Weber chairs, as my customers continue to give me positive feedback.”  

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