Stoddard DIA Endo I Diamond Bur FG


By Dr Timothy Chiang, Burwood Dental Centre, Melbourne, VIC

I use this bur every time I endodontically access a tooth. It’s great when working on posterior teeth, and even for single canal teeth.

What’s good about it

You use this bur for access when extirpating during endodontic treatment. It is basically a tapered bur with a non-cutting end. The problem with other burs is that when you’re towards the end of the endo access, it can be difficult to completely remove any undercuts without touching the pulpal floor, especially if they are deep. The non-cutting end allows you to do so with confidence.

It’s very important to have a straight-line access into a canal and this bur makes it much easier to conservatively remove or decrease any cervical curvature of the canal when establishing a glide path. Once this is properly established, the rest of the endodontic procedure becomes much more streamlined. Of course, straight-line access will also minimise the risk of files breaking during instrumentation.

Adequate access is a very important part of any successful endodontic treatment and this bur achieves that quickly and effectively. It’s simple to use, protects the pulpal floor and maximises straight-line access to the cervical portion of the canals while minimising curvatures.

What’s not so good

While the longer length of the bur can be an advantage for a deep access, it can also be a disadvantage if you’re at the back of the mouth with limited space, or if the patient has limited opening or decreased vertical dimension.

Where did you get it

Horseley Dental 

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