Straumann Group Education Program September to December 2021

Straumann Group eduction program

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Welcome to Straumann Group’s comprehensive second half education program* in all disciplines of implant dentistry using the latest technology and innovation to enhance patient outcomes and drive practice profitability.

Our carefully vetted speakers deliver presentations that are evidence based and are exceptional clinically, whilst retaining a practical focus and incorporating experience to deliver a quality outcome including valuable clinical tips and tricks.

Discover end-to-end education solutions, which have been categorised in line with the ITI SAC classification of Straightforward, Advanced and Complex, to assist you in identifying the level of complexity to suit your level of experience. 

We are introducing Straumann SMART Restorative, a holistic solution developed to enable dentists to successfully commence restoring dental implants in straightforward cases. Straumann SMART Restorative combines online and classroom training with continued support from an experienced Prosthodontist to build confidence and provide peace of mind. 

Straumann Group education program

To register for our upcoming courses and to see the full list of on-demand e-learning webinars, please visit the Straumann SKILL page at

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