Straumann’s Iconic Tissue Level Implant Meets Immediacy

tissue level implant

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In 1986, the parallel-walled Straumann® Tissue Level Implant (TL) made an entrance into the implant market. Tissue Level implants were a breakthrough at the time and pioneered one-stage surgery. In 2021, a new generation of Tissue Level implants combining the rich TL heritage with Straumann® innovation is revolutionising the market by adding immediacy to the TL concept.

The design of the Straumann® TLX Implant considers the key biological principles of hard and soft tissue healing. It combines the extensively documented, long-term clinical success of the tissue level concept, with the endosteal design of the BLX fully tapered implant, one of the world’s most advanced technologies for immediate treatments. The Straumann® TLX implant was designed with two goals in mind. First, it is intended to provide Tissue Level users with an implant that will enable them to enter the field of immediate treatments with confidence and meet the rising expectations of patients. Additionally, clinicians who put immediate treatments at the centre of their practice should be able to benefit from what has made Tissue Level a reliable standard, based on 35 years of experience and a comprehensive evidence base supporting its strong focus on peri-implant health preservation.

The Straumann® TLX implant is designed for immediate protocols in all bone types with a fully tapered implant body for optimised primary stability and perfectly complements our bone level BLX implant system. Both systems use one common drill set and TorcFit™ connection for maximum compatibility with minimal investment. 

The machined tissue level collar of Straumann® TLX implant excels in preserving peri-implant health as the implant-abutment interface is moved away from the bone, there is also no disturbance of the soft tissue around the implant required after surgery and the restorative platform is clearly visible in the posterior region. The one stage process with the restoration at the soft tissue level allows clinicians to use chair time more efficiently in straightforward, conventional and digitally integrated workflows. 

The Australian and New Zealand virtual launch event for the Straumann® TLX implant system will be held on Wednesday 6th October at 6:30pm with International Guest Speaker Prof. Em. Dr. Daniel Buser, hosted by A/Prof Stephen Chen. 

To register for the live virtual event or to view the post event recording please visit  

For more information about the Straumann® TLX implant system contact your Straumann Solutions Specialist, call our customer service team on 1800 660 330 or email

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