Study finds heavy smokers with severe periodontitis don’t benefit from treatment

smokers with periodontitis
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Smoking can have a serious impact on the effect of the treatment of periodontitis, researchers in Denmark have found. 

The researchers studied the effect of different levels of smoking on the clinical results of the treatment of periodontitis.

The study—published in the Journal of Dental Research—found that heavy smokers with the most severe forms of inflammation obtained no benefit from the treatment, while heavy smokers with moderate periodontitis only had a 50 per cent effect from the treatment, compared to smokers with less tobacco consumption.

“To our surprise, we could see that the disease had actually grown worse in some parameters in the hardest-hit group, despite the fact that this particular group had received the most extensive, individually-designed treatment,” study author Julie Pajaniaye said.

She added the study illustrates the need for politicians and decision-makers to better incorporate referrals to smoking cessation courses in the treatment of periodontitis when developing new clinical guidelines and performance descriptions.

“As a heavy smoker with periodontitis, it is very important to understand that working towards stopping smoking is a crucial step in the effective treatment of the disease,” Pajaniaye said.

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