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dental practitioner support
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Need to talk to someone? Dental Practitioner Support, a national health and wellbeing support service for dental practitioners established by the Dental Board of Australia, is ready to take your call.

Dental Practitioner Support is the first national 24/7 telephone and online service for all dental practitioners. Anyone calling the service does not have to give their name and can seek support anonymously.

Callers will have access to an experienced team who can provide confidential advice and referral on a wide range of issues, including mental and physical health and general wellbeing. 

“This service aims to destigmatise a dental practitioner calling to get support to help deal with their feelings about any stress and pressure they may be experiencing, and to give them confidence that there is support out there that’s specific to their needs,” Dental Board of Australia chair Dr Murray Thomas said.

Dental Practitioner Support can be reached on 1800 377 700.

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