Surgitel Loupes and Light


by Dr Stephen McCrea, Ellen St Dental, Wollongong, NSW

I’ve been using loupes for the past 10 years and a few years ago, I decided to try them with an attached light. I wanted to go with something with a pocket-sized battery that could be clipped to a belt. As I was using Surgitel loupes, it made sense to add a Surgitel light to the set-up.

What’s good about it

I can’t fault the loupes. The frames are really comfortable and the lenses are easy on the eyes. They are fairly light and don’t put any strain on my neck. I use a 2.5 magnification which is fine for general dentistry. A representative visited to take measurements so the loupes are custom-made for my eyes.

I use the loupes with every patient. The light made such a huge difference. I found that the difference between using glasses and loupes was the same as between using illumination and non-illumination

What’s not so good

The battery for the light only lasts for about three hours. If you intend to use it pretty solidly throughout the day then you need to purchase a second battery. I also worry if using loupes all the time has made my eyes weaker. My optometrist laughs at me about this but my eyesight is not near as good as it used to be. I recently needed to get stronger prescription glasses but, maybe, that’s just age.

Where did you get it

Inline systems.

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