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EXTREME_100ml-_Tube_1by Dr Harry Marget, East Bentleigh Dental Group, East Bentleigh, VIC

Swissdent makes a range of tooth whitening toothpastes that combine the best of many things. The one that I’m most impressed with is called Swissdent Extreme.

What’s good about it

Swissdent Extreme is recommended for people who have severe teeth discolouration caused by the usual tobacco, tea, coffee and red wine. The product has a very low RDA value which means it’s not an abrasive cleaner. It’s the only toothpaste with true micro-technological particles, so it’s able to bleach out pigments that most other pastes won’t touch. It also contains co-enzyme Q10 which stimulates new cell growth and protects the gums against any inflammation. Normal toothpaste uses sodium lauyrl sulphate to remove plaque but Swissdent has replaced this with the fruit enzymes papain and bromelain. It has massive amounts of fluoride, vitamin E and sodium bicarbonate to neutralise any acidity and to act as a gentle abrasive. It also comes with a very soft toothbrush that has a tiny head.

If a patient of mine wants a whitening treatment, I get them to use this first. They invariably get good results and if they want further whitening, I then offer a treatment using a product called Natural, which I have also reviewed for Bite.

I knew about this product two years ago when I started using it personally. When the rep recently visited me, I was thrilled to discover that it was now available in Australia and I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

What’s not so good

The cost. It’s expensive but when something works as well as this, it’s definitely worth it.

Where did you get it

Swissdent (Sandra LaScala, 0413 352 557).


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