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Efficient, successful, popular—the Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces are the best-selling contra-angle handpieces in the world from W&H and, in their class, combine outstanding quality and a long service life with low acquisition costs. The recently launched ‘Spot on’ campaign is now literally shining the spotlight on the popular medical devices.

The high performance, optimal ergonomics, and cost-efficiency of the Synea Fusion series guarantee the quality that convinces dentists around the world. More than 100 years of experience in medical technology and just as much know-how and W&H expertise have gone into the development of these medical devices, which have quickly established themselves as reliable and indispensable tools for any dental treatment.

Innovation based on tradition

Ever since the company was founded in 1890, W&H has demonstrated a spirit of innovation and has been a pioneer in the dental industry. W&H is now represented with its products in 110 countries worldwide and, is one of the market leaders in the industry, employing around 1,200 people. During a history spanning more than 130 years, the company has produced ground-breaking innovations such as Europe’s first mechanical straight and contra-angle handpieces and push-button chucking systems, as well as scratch-resistant surfaces and shadow-free LED+ lighting technology. The Synea Fusion range fits seamlessly into this path of success and is now W&H’s best-selling range of contra-angle handpieces.

High quality and optimal cost efficiency

Synea Fusion boasts an excellent price-performance ratio with extensive functionalities and a high level of user-friendliness. Quiet ceramic ball bearings, a hygienic monobloc design and the optimized grip profile are standard, as is the LED+ on the turbine handpieces, thus ensuring better contrast sensitivity and perfectly neutral light. Small head sizes guarantee optimal access and the best visibility of the treatment area, while the Quattro Spray provides the necessary cooling. The transmission instruments are thermo washer disinfectable and can be sterilized, allowing for easy and convenient integration into any hygiene and maintenance process.

Service and technical support at W&H Australasia

The most innovative product is worth only half without technical support, which is why W&H offers faultless care and first-rate expertise with total commitment to providing the highest level of technical service. What would be better than getting your handpiece serviced from the Manufacturer itself. Our W&H Service Center in Adelaide with a team of factory trained technicians will be there for you and avoid any unwanted downtime. 

Clinic Plus

contra-angle handpieces

Synea Fusion is also part of the new Clinic Plus Program, W&H Australasia just launched the first phase of Clinic Plus which includes various purchase incentives that highlights Synea and in addition, there are also several W&H purchase bundles available. 

Clinic Plus will evolve shortly to include a Synea repair program that will make handpiece service even faster and more economical.  

To find out more about Clinic Plus and Synea scan the QR Code or contact W&H Australasia 1300 613 988 

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