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oral  irrigators

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Panasonic Oral Irrigators with Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is crucial for overall health and well-being. As dental professionals, we have the opportunity to provide our patients with the best tools for achieving optimal oral care. One such tool that has been gaining attention is the Panasonic range of Oral Irrigators. Leveraging cutting-edge ultrasonic technology combined with a record of delivering remarkable results, these devices are helping reshape the landscape of oral hygiene.

The Power of Ultrasonic Technology

In the search for comprehensive oral care, traditional methods such as brushing and flossing have long been staples. However, with the introduction of ultrasonic technology, Panasonic have taken dental hygiene to the next level. Harnessing high-frequency sound waves, the ultrasonic technology generates tiny bubbles in the mouthwash or water used in the device. These bubbles effectively remove plaque, bacteria, and food particles from challenging areas, such as gum pockets and interdental spaces. The unique ultrasonic technology developed by Panasonic for their Oral Irrigator range ensures a deeper and more thorough clean, enhancing the overall oral health of patients.

Excellent clinical results

Dr. Nicholas Hocking, B.D.S(Adel), M Sc.(Lond), M.Clin. Dent. (Pros) (Lond), FICD, FPFA, a Sydney restorative dentist and senior clinical lecturer with vast experience in the field of dental implants, has seen positive results from his patient’s use of Panasonic Oral Irrigators as a means to enhance their oral hygiene. He states, “I am seeing the Panasonic water flossers produce really excellent clinical results. I am really happy to recommend this oral hygiene aid to my patients to ensure maintenance of ideal hygiene around implant-supported restorations, particularly for large or full- arch restorations where palatal access is challenging. I have actually seen complete recovery of moderate cases of generalised peri-implantitus following the correct use of these oral irrigators in conjunction with medicated mouth rinsing such as Savacol.”

Enhanced Patient Experience

Traditional flossing can sometimes be uncomfortable, leading to patients neglecting this essential practice. There have also been numerous clinical documented cases where over vigorous flossing or incorrect technique with floss have been linked to traumatic damage to the peri-implant tissue. With Panasonic Oral Irrigators, however, patients can experience a non-invasive and soothing method to remove debris and maintain oral health. The long cleaning times combined with adjustable water pressure settings allow for a customized experience, catering to the unique needs of each patient.

Supporting your practice

To support dental practices, Panasonic have recently appointed MKS Health Technologies to supply their Oral Care range in the Australian market. They are a local Australian business specializing in solutions for the health and well-being sectors. Matthew Shepherd, Managing Director of MKS Health Technologies says, “We’re delighted to be adding the Panasonic Oral Care range to our product offering. With their advanced ultrasonic technology, easy-to-use designs, and exceptional cleaning power, these devices offer a comprehensive solution for healthy teeth and gums.” Dental practitioners looking to provide patients with the Panasonic range should contact MKS Health Technologies for information on ranging and special introductory offers for their dental practice. 

oral  irrigators


Incorporating Panasonic Oral Irrigators into your dental practice not only highlights your commitment to offering the latest advancements in oral care but also provides your patients with an alternative, effective and enjoyable means of achieving optimal oral hygiene. With the remarkable benefits of ultrasonic technology combined with the support from MKS Health Technologies, Panasonic Oral Irrigators are set to revolutionize oral care for your patients. 

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