Taskforce launches new denture guidelines


care of dentures

A global taskforce of academic experts brought together by UK-based charity the Oral Health Foundation have issued new guidelines to tackle the wealth of inconsistent and contradictory advice on the best care of dentures.

The need for people to have dentures, otherwise known as false teeth, is expected to increase dramatically over the next 30 years as the elderly population increases. It is predicted that by 2050 an estimated two billion people will be over the age of 60—more than double today’s figure.

The taskforce labelled current recommendations on denture care ‘confusing’ and ‘unreliable’, adding that many claims lack valid evidence.

As a result, the group of independent and internationally-recognised experts including representatives from the Oral Health Foundation and King’s College London, used the occasion of the FDI World Dental Congress, held recently in Argentina, to launch a series of simple and effective guidelines on how to look after dentures.

“We have found that people with dentures do not know how they should be cleaning them,” Oral Health Foundation chief executive Dr Nigel Carter said.

“The amount of inconsistent and often unproven advice about cleaning and maintaining dentures is frightening. Incorrect denture care can pose a real threat to both the oral health and general health of denture wearers.

“We hope these new recommendations can reassure people about the best way to look after their dentures.”

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