Teeth.org.au—the new trusted public source for oral health information

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Using the occasion of World Cavity-Free Future Day on 14 October, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) launched their new website, Teeth.org.au.

Teeth.org.au has been designed to be the trusted source for the public when searching for oral health information. All the content on the site has been thoroughly researched, peer-reviewed, and references high-quality studies and information to support the topic under discussion.

Users will find articles about recent oral health issues, tips and tools to help with oral hygiene, information about common (and uncommon) treatments, and more. The site also has a link to the Find a Dentist tool, so prospective patients can easily find a dentist when in need.

New content will be added regularly, with all content on the site routinely reviewed and updated to ensure that everything is accurate and based on current information.

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