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Inquiries about implants are the most common requests for information.

An analysis of over 150,000 enquiries from the public over the past five years reveals which dental issues are most important to the public. The data, gathered by the British Dental Health Foundation, reveals a growing interest in oral hygiene information and a declining interest in fees for services.

In 2006, five issues accounted for well over half of all enquiries from the public (58 per cent).  These included NHS Regulations (15 per cent), Dental Charges (13 per cent), Finding a Dentist (11 per cent), Prosthetics (11 per cent) and Complaints (8 per cent).

In 2011, the same five issues accounted for 44 per cent of all enquiries, 14 per cent lower compared to five years ago. Implants, crowns and bridges and other removable appliances now top the list with around one in seven (13 per cent) of all enquiries.

The greatest changes concern the NHS, with significantly lower enquiries relating to dental charges (-8 per cent), NHS Regulations (-4 per cent) and Finding a Dentist (-3 per cent).  Increasingly important issues to the public include seeking advice on oral hygiene (7 per cent) and legal and professional conduct issues (6 per cent).

Sharon Broom, the Foundation’s Director of Operations, said: “Overall, the public has remained fairly consistent with its information needs over the past five years.  We are pleased that the number of calls regarding oral hygiene is increasing. A greater awareness of consumer rights in all aspects of everyday life is also spreading into dentistry, with more and more callers seeking information on legal issues.”


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  1. With increased awareness of the general health implications of poor oral health, why should it be surprising that patients are questioning the supervised neglect occuring with regard to oral hygiene. The primary source of litigation amongst general dentists in USA is becoming more apparent in UK with “greater awareness of consumer rights”. Traditional misinformation on oral health issues must be rectified!


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