The ADAVB has a new president

ADAVB president Dr Jeremy Sternson
New ADAVB president, Dr Jeremy Sternson

The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch has a new president, Dr Jeremy Sternson. Dr Sternson has worked in both public and private practice, is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and was a clinical demonstrator for seven years at the University of Melbourne.

He is a former chair and current treasurer of the eviDent Foundation Board, and is the deputy co-chair of the eviDent Dental Practice Based Research Network Committee. 

“I follow on from Dr Angelo Pacella who did an incredible job steering our members through a difficult and turbulent year, mainly due to COVID-19,” Dr Sternson said. 

“I joined the ADA for collegiality, education and advocacy, and it is with those three magic words in mind that I aim to improve the services to all our members. 

“We will continue to advocate with government on issues such as continuity of practice, sugar tax and third-party issues. We will provide collegiality through events, mentorship and just being there.

“I want to assure every member that Council is here for you, and our doors are always open. I welcome anyone that wants to speak directly with me to contact me. “

In further news, Dr Warren Shnider is the new ADAVB vice-president and Dr Andrew Heredia is the newly elected executive councillor.

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