The aligner wave is coming

CAE's Aligner Accelerator Program

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CAE's Aligner Accelerator Program

As a growing number of Australians search for more affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternatives to traditional metal braces, the clear aligner market is poised for a huge wave in the years ahead. 

Recent market research estimates that the Australian clear aligner market will reach nearly three quarters of a billion dollars (AUD $739M) by 2028. This translates to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.7% from 2021 to 2028.

The growth projection sits well with recent reporting from Orthodontics Australia that finds more than half (55%) of the population is self-conscious about their teeth, and 62% are willing to fix their misaligned teeth.

However, this double-digit wave of opportunity will simply crash over the heads of most general dentists in the country, according to the founders of Clear Aligner Excellence (CAE). 

CAE's Aligner Accelerator Program

Doctors Geoff Hall and Jesse Green believe that aligners are currently being under-utilised by general dentists to treat patients and their associated malocclusion.   

The reasons for the underutilisation, as they see it, include the following barriers:

  • Lack of clinical confidence to offer aligner treatment to the types of malocclusions presenting in their practice every day.
  • Lack of business and practice management processes to effectively integrate aligner therapy into their practice.
  • The impact of aligner lab fees on profit margins.

Dr Hall and Dr Green say they founded CAE to overcome these barriers and best position their network of dental practices to make the most out of the coming opportunity.

As a monthly subscription and membership model, CAE offers its members:

  • Robust clinical education to treat more complex cases efficiently and effectively.
  • Training and marketing support to present and close more cases than ever.
  • Exclusive buyers-group to reduce a CAE providers aligner overhead by as much as 30%.

Two sides of the same coin

CAE's Aligner Accelerator Program
Dr Jesse Green, co-founder of Clear Aligner Excellence.

When speaking about the vision for CAE, Dr Hall shared that “Clear Aligner Excellence is where Practice Management and Clinical Excellence meet.”

Regarded as one of Australia’s pioneers in modern-day orthodontics and education, Dr Geoff Hall is a specialist orthodontist that also runs MP Orthodontics in Cheltenham, Melbourne, as co-owner and principal Orthodontist.

His partner in CAE is author, speaker and entrepreneur, Dr Jesse Green who is the dental business coach behind Savvy Dentist, which is a dental training and consultation outfit that helps dentists develop financial intelligence, create high performance teams, and master the art of patient flow.

Whereas Dr Hall provides the training to deliver clinical excellence in clear aligners, Dr Green provides the training and practice management systems necessary to fully integrate aligners into the practice.

The result is CAE’s Aligner Accelerator Program (AAP). The AAP delivers eight training sessions on clinical orthodontics with a particular focus on aligners and another eight training sessions on integrating clear aligners into the practice.

In addition, CAE will provide ongoing monthly training and education to members to further drive clinical confidence and practice integration.

Leveraged income

CAE's Aligner Accelerator Program
Dr Geoff Hall, co-founder of Clear Aligner Excellence.

Dr Hall believes clear aligner therapy to be the only area in dentistry where you can delegate the time-consuming aspects of the work to a hygienist or oral health therapist.

“This is the most leveraged form of income a dentist will ever make,” Dr Green adds.

“With the Clinical AAP, we will show doctors how to diagnose a clear aligner case and effectively treatment plan more complex cases, but ultimately have the treatment itself delivered by the team.”

“Compared to scaling and cleaning that earns $200 an hour,” he continues, “when it comes to aligners, your hygienist can make over $1,000 an hour for you. And it’s totally scalable.”

Shifting the elective paradigm

From a practice management perspective, Dr Green shared that “The successful integration of clear aligners for dental practices is challenging because of the perceived ‘elective’ nature of aligners, and the lack of systems designed to effectively present and close those cases.”

“Therefore, the purpose of the Practice Management AAP is to flip the ‘elective’ paradigm on its head and enable the practice to present orthodontic treatment far more frequently while at the same time increasing the overall conversion rate. Member dentists will learn how to optimise their internal patient databases to generate leads and convert patients. This includes additional training for hygienists, front desk staff, assistants, and treatment coordinators.”

“And the best part,” Dr Green adds, “is that the processes and skills that we will install can be applied to all procedures offered in the practice.  This means that our partner practices not only increase their production for clear aligners, but also for other procedures as well!”

“The final piece to the practice management puzzle is that CAE also runs a direct-to-public marketing platform that will help drive patient traffic to all members and their practices.”

Reducing barriers to entry

According to Dr Hall, “Most aligner companies charge Australian dentists about 30% more than what they charge dentists in America. Our goal is to level the playing field for CAE member dentists and in turn reducing cost as a barrier to patients accepting treatment.”

“What we’ve done is develop commercial relationships with major aligner companies to negotiate preferred pricing for CAE members,” he shares. 

“The CAE buying network will offer heavy discounts and preferential rates covering lab fees for all major aligner systems including Invisalign®, SmileStyler®, ClearCorrect®, SureSmile®, and AngelAlign®.  The resulting savings in aligner lab fees can be as much as AUD $800 per case, and additional reputable aligner brands are on the way.”

“The negotiated savings,” he adds, “will also cover non-aligner and complementary services.”

Catching the wave

With the Australian dental aligner marketplace projected to grow by double digits, both Dr Hall and Dr Green say CAE membership is a no-brainer for a vast majority of general dentists in the country. 

Based on their calculations, it takes the dentist roughly 1.3 aligner cases a month to cover the costs of CAE membership. 

CAE also has special enterprise pricing for those dentists who are already doing over 50 cases a year, so they too can benefit from all the ongoing education and great ancillary value which is exclusively offered to CAE members.

Dr Green points out that, “My experience in working with dental practices across Australia has shown that most dentists are starting about one new clear aligner case per month.  However, we typically see full integration of aligner therapy in the practice results in starting one new clear aligner case each week.  Going from one case a month to one case a week can add as much as AUD $270,000 in annual revenue to the practice.”

“A veritable tsunami wave for clear aligners is coming,” Dr Hall emphasises, “and CAE network providers will be uniquely positioned to ride that wave faster and further than their peers.”  

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