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When the music is pumping and the crowd is feeling it, it’s up to the DJ—Dr Nishan Soomessur of St Lucia Dental in Queensland—to take it to the next level.

“I’m into a style of DJing called drum and bass. It’s not that big in Australia but it’s huge in the UK and Europe. There’s a really well-known DJ called S.P.Y. who was flown to Australia to play a gig at the Prohibition nightclub in Fortitude Valley and we supported him. The energy that night was next level. We felt high for days, just from the crowd response. That was probably our best gig.

“I started DJing at university. I just downloaded a computer program for Mac and messed around trying to beat match for about a year. After a lot of practice, I eventually bought my first set of DJ deck equipment.

“I moved to Australia from the UK five years ago, along with a mate who was in the year above me at university. He’s also into music and while living on the Sunshine Coast, we came across an online post from a promoter looking for a drum and bass DJ. We put together a half-hour mix of what we can do and sent it to him.

“He loved our stuff and invited us to play at the Sub Rosa nightclub in Brisbane. We played quite a few gigs through him, started networking and began getting work from other promoters. It feels really great to be able to follow my passion.

“We have our occasional quieter gigs but even they are okay because you’re playing the music you love on a great sound system. But when you play to a crowd and they’re feeding back to you and you’re feeding off the crowd, it’s fantastic. A packed club full of people getting into your music is amazing. 

“Drum and bass are all about the build-up. The song plays for about 45 seconds, then there’s a big drop. The drums kick in, the bass kicks in and it’s very sub-bass heavy. You feel it in your chest. It’s not aggressive but it’s very emotive. When you’re on the dance floor, it’s like a workout at 176 beats per minute.

“For me, DJing is all about the music. Finding a new song that you love is amazing. Then mixing it with another song creates a whole new experience. It’s like you’ve made a third song appear.

“I like that DJing is limitless. You have a library of every song in the world that can be mixed an infinite number of ways. It’s an act of creation and I love it.” 

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