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bone regeneration

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Developed by dentists, for dentists, EthOss® helps patients grow back their bone fast with no graft particles left behind.

Born from a desire to move beyond the use traditional “GBR” techniques, donor grafts and artificial scaffolds, EthOss® was created to pioneer True Host Bone Regeneration in dental implantology and oral surgery. The initial concept was simple: “the body wants to heal, let’s work with it”. This was key to the development of EthOss® – a grafting material which works with the body, upregulating the host healing response to regenerate lost bone. This innovative approach is a step forward in several ways:


Its built-in calcium sulphate binder helps stabilise the graft and prevent soft tissue ingress, eliminating the need for an added collagen membrane.


EthOss® comes in a handy syringe applicator, in three sizes – 0.25cc, 0.5cc and 1cc. It’s easy to mix and quick to apply, and because it keeps its volume well, there’s no need for over-packing.


EthOss® is 100% synthetic. There’s no human or animal content, so no risk of cross-contamination.


EthOss® is fully absorbed into the body, as it’s replaced by new healthy host bone – up to 50% in as little as 12 weeks.


EthOss® is a combination of 65% Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate (B-TCP) and 35% Calcium Sulphate.  These synthetic materials have large research bases and are well established in medicine, however the innovative combination of the two is key to its success.


A major step forward in dental implantology, EthOss® removes the need for a separate collagen membrane in graft procedures.  This is achieved through the use of Calcium Sulphate, which causes the graft “set” in situ and form a cell-occlusive binder. The result is a stable graft with a built-in protection against soft-tissue ingress. Additionally, Calcium Sulphate offers significant bone regeneration properties which are widely discussed in literature.


Widely used in orthopaedics and medicine, B-TCP possesses many properties which make it suitable for grafting around dental implants:

  • Full resorption in line with the rate of new bone formation
  • Osteoconductive
  • High osteoinductive potential with a large research base in this area
  • Patient preference – no concern over donor tissue or cross infection

EthOss®’s unique combination of B-TCP and Calcium Sulphate leverages the benefits of both materials, resulting in a fully synthetic graft which does not require a separate collagen membrane and offers extremely quick bone regeneration – human biopsies have consistently shown 50% new bone in graft sites at 12 weeks.

This rapid bone formation allows for quicker treatment timetables, with the recommended protocol showing a 99% success rate when implants are placed simultaneously with the graft and loaded at 12 weeks.

Following it’s launch in Europe in 2015, EthOss® has been a global success and is now available in over 60 countries. It was launched in Australia in 2018 and has gone from strength-to-strength, on the back of an extensive education program which has included face-to-face lectures in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.  


Are you interested in learning more about the benefits True Host Bone Regeneration can bring to your practice? EthOss® has a wealth of free-to-access training and education resources online, all available through This includes a large library of webinars from experienced global speakers, a large selection of case studies and an “On-Demand Training Academy” featuring short, dedicated modules on socket grafting, immediate implant placements, sinus augmentations and more.  

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