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Code of conduct
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Have your say on the shared Code of conduct which sets out the expected professional behaviour and conduct for dental practitioners and promotes safe care to help protect the public.

The Dental Board of Australia (the Board), along with 11 other National Boards and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra), is reviewing the shared Code of conduct (the code) and wants to hear from people who use it or have an interest in it. Your feedback will help to make the updated code more relevant to practitioners and better able to protect the public.

“This is an important opportunity for dental practitioners to reflect on what professionalism means to them and to comment on the conduct expected of them by the Board,” Board chair Dr Murray Thomas said.

While the code is a document for practitioners, it can also be used by the public to help them understand what to expect from a registered: dentist and dental specialist, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist, dental therapist, and oral health therapist.

Dr Thomas said practitioners have a professional responsibility to be familiar with the code and apply it in their practice.

“This is why it’s important that practitioners help to shape it and be part of the process to review it, so the code stays up to date and reflects contemporary practice,” he said.

“While there are no major changes, the updated code includes new guidance about bullying and harassing, vexatious complaints, clinical governance and setting performance targets that could affect patient safety.

“The shared code builds cross-profession understanding by setting out the same expectations of professional conduct for all health practitioners who use it. This supports inter-professional practice and contributes to safety and quality in healthcare.”

Public consultation is open until 6 July 2021. Health practitioners, anyone who sees a health practitioner, education providers and employers are invited and encouraged to have their say.

For information about how to give your feedback please see the consultation paper on the Board’s consultation page.

For more information read the consultation paper and supporting documents.

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